Featured Speakers

avatar for Jannelle Watson

Jannelle Watson

Politics & Government Outreach Team
avatar for Kaitlyn Janowski

Kaitlyn Janowski

Social Impact Partnerships Team
avatar for Tom Tarantino

Tom Tarantino

Head of Global Crisis Response
avatar for Melissa Agnes

Melissa Agnes

Crisis Ready Institute
avatar for Chris Hsiung

Chris Hsiung

Mountain View Police Department
Deputy Chief
avatar for Ray Carey

Ray Carey

avatar for Kristy Dalton

Kristy Dalton

Government Social Media LLC
Founder & CEO
avatar for Nancy Groves

Nancy Groves

United Nations Environment Programme
Chief of Digital Strategy


avatar for Alix Bowman

Alix Bowman

Director of Customer Experience
avatar for Carrie Braun

Carrie Braun

Orange County Sheriff's Department, CA
Director of Public Affairs and Community Engagement
avatar for Jessie Brown

Jessie Brown

Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Social Media Manager & Communications
avatar for Brenda Carrasco

Brenda Carrasco

Gilbert Police Department
Digital Media and Marketing Senior/PIO
avatar for Sophia Champieux

Sophia Champieux

Orange County Fire Authority
PR Manager
avatar for John Chen

John Chen

avatar for Colette Cosner

Colette Cosner

Public Health-Seattle & King County
Digital Lead
avatar for Sarah Gamblin-Luig

Sarah Gamblin-Luig

City of St. Louis Emergency Management Agency
Deputy Commissioner of Emergency Management
avatar for Jordan Gilgenbach

Jordan Gilgenbach

City of Minneapolis
Digital Communications Coordinator
avatar for Victor Henderson

Victor Henderson

North Central Texas Council of Governments
Communications Specialist
avatar for Warren Kagarise

Warren Kagarise

King County, WA
Digital Engagement Manager
avatar for Kate Kimble

Kate Kimble

Fort Collins Police Services
Public Relations Manager
avatar for Julia Kristina

Julia Kristina

Julia Kristina & Associates
avatar for Jennifer Lazo

Jennifer Lazo

City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department
Emergency Management Coordinator 1
avatar for Emily Allen Lucht

Emily Allen Lucht

Maryland Center for School Safety
Communications & Media Specialist
avatar for Rebekah Mena

Rebekah Mena

DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
Deputy Chief, Public Affairs
avatar for Jason Muenzer

Jason Muenzer

Apex Mobile
Marketing Manager
avatar for Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson

Mountain View Police Department
Social Media + Public Relations Coordinator
avatar for Joseph Porcelli

Joseph Porcelli

Senior City Strategist
avatar for Christina Roach

Christina Roach

City of Dallas, TX
Digital Content Officer
avatar for Kerry Shearer

Kerry Shearer

Kerry Shearer Enterprises LLC
Smartphone & Live Video JIC/JIS Communications
avatar for Doug Shoemaker

Doug Shoemaker

Grand Junction Colorado Police Department
Chief of Police
avatar for Jennifer Snyder

Jennifer Snyder

Gilbert Fire and Rescue
Digital Media & Marketing PIO
avatar for Jessica VanderKolk

Jessica VanderKolk

City of Battle Creek, MI
Communications Manager
avatar for Cecilia M. Warren

Cecilia M. Warren

Maryland Department of Disabilities
Emergency Preparedness Policy Director, Emergency Management
avatar for Mark R. Weaver

Mark R. Weaver

Communications Counsel
avatar for Jameil Weldon

Jameil Weldon

Mecklenburg County, NC
Social Media Specialist